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Life Motifs Online

Team Management Systems is proud to sponsor a special page suitable for community groups, schools and committees.

Team Management Systems is a worldwide organization specializing in feedback assessments for corporations, that improve their performance by helping people to work better together.

We realize that many community groups could also improve performance by using personal feedback systems to give people information on the different ways they like to contribute to group activities. Many of the methods for doing this are beyond the budget of small groups and volunteer organizations. To help such organizations we are pleased to offer you the personal Profiles of Life Motifs. This is a special program written to give feedback on two important dimensions of human behavior.

Life Motifs is a unique and simple feedback resource. This product has a myriad of applications and has been designed specifically for use with community groups, such as schools, social clubs and committees. However, it can also be used in any situation where a greater understanding of others is crucial to harmonious relationships and improved performance.